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Coworking Spaces packages

Package Benefits
Flexible working area
High speed Internet
High speed Internet
We pay for your Coffee
Unleash creativity and networking potential at our coworking space of NY. Elevate your work game
From $30 per day

Our Location

Virtual office

Package Benefits
We receive, forward or scan your mail to you
Daily Mail alerts
Use of our address on Business Letter heads and Cards
Prestigious address
Use of our Address on your Business website
Open & Scan
Mail Recycling
Mail Shredding
Elevate business with a prestigious virtual office in NY of SBN. Professional address, global reach.
$15.00 monthly

Mailbox Services

Package Benefits
We receive and scan your mail to you.
Gives your business website a professional image
Mail pick up 6 days a week
Mail forward on request
Mail and Parcel redirection
Mail Alerts Daily
Mail Recycling
Mail Shredding
Efficient mailbox solutions for your NY business with SBN. Streamlined communication, local presence.
$10.00 monthly

Virtual Receptionist

Package Benefits
Company Phone Number
Company formation address
Premium Call Transferring (Call Forwarding)
Company Fax Number
Voice Mail Converted to Email
Enhance NY business image with skilled virtual receptionists of SBN. Professionalism meets convenience.
$99.99 monthly


Get more work done with our furnished Co-working Spaces. Let SBN save you money by providing you with easy access to workspace for you and your employees. Using our Desk Spaces will help you cut costs by 50% compared to other high expense office spaces, the perfect solution for your start-up.
Free WiFi
Professional business address
Clients are welcomed by the receptionist
You will be notified by a member of staff when you receive a post or parcel

Coworking Spaces in New York:
Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in the City That Never Sleeps

Looking for coworking office space near me in New York? In the bustling heart of New York, a dynamic trend is reshaping the traditional workspace landscape – coworking spaces. These innovative hubs have rapidly gained popularity among freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and even established businesses seeking a new way to work. SBN offerings much more than just a desk and Wi-Fi, coworking spaces in New York embody a transformative work culture that fuels creativity, connectivity, and productivity.

Features and Amenities:

SBN's coworking spaces are designed to inspire. Bright, open layouts, ergonomic furniture, and vibrant decor create an inviting atmosphere that encourages focus and collaboration. State-of-the-art facilities include high-speed internet, modern conference rooms equipped with audio-visual tools, and dedicated phone booths for private conversations. Comfortable communal areas offer spaces to relax, network, and exchange ideas.

Flexibility and Affordability:

Flexibility is a hallmark of coworking spaces in New York of SBN. Businesses can choose from various membership plans – from hot desking for those on the move, to dedicated desks for consistency, and private offices for teams. This flexibility extends to lease terms, allowing companies to adapt their workspace needs without the constraints of long-term commitments. This affordability and adaptability make coworking spaces an attractive option for startups and companies looking to expand without the overhead of traditional office leasing.

Community and Networking:

Beyond the physical infrastructure, coworking spaces nurture a sense of community. Regular workshops, seminars, and networking events provide opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals across diverse industries. Collaborations often blossom as individuals share ideas, experiences, and even services. The melting pot of creativity and expertise fosters an environment where innovation thrives.

Prime Locations:

SBN's coworking spaces in New York are strategically positioned in key areas, placing businesses in the heart of business districts and tech hubs. This not only provides convenient access to clients and partners but also allows members to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant culture and culinary scene.

Elevated Productivity and Well-being:

The collaborative and motivating atmosphere of coworking spaces has been linked to increased productivity and improved well-being. Being surrounded by a community of professionals can counteract the isolation often felt by remote workers or freelancers. Additionally, the availability of amenities like fitness centers, wellness rooms, and healthy snacks contributes to a holistic work experience.

SBN's coworking spaces in New York represent a modern and adaptable solution for a diverse range of professionals. By offering flexibility, community, and resources, these spaces redefine the traditional concept of work, allowing individuals and businesses to thrive in an environment that reflects the dynamism of the city itself. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking connections or a company looking to innovate, SBN's coworking spaces offer a home for collaboration and growth in the city that never sleeps. Find out more by contacting SBN today!
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